With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill (The Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018, to use its formal title) by the Federal Government in December 2018, the door has been opened to legitimately cultivate and sell CBD products.  North Carolina has already begun the process of legalizing CBD oil for personal use, first with its ongoing Pilot Program and now with proposed legislation which will allow for, and regulate, the growing and process of Hemp (and its derivative cannabidiol or “CBD”).

But what does this mean for the opportunistic entrepreneur who is interested in this industry? For one, it means now is the perfect opportunity to be one of the first through the CBD door.  But it also means that walking through that door leads to uncertain legislative action and untested regulatory processes. That’s where BA Folk comes in.

Our business attorneys understand the interplay between State Law, FDA Regulation and Federal Law. Many business owners do not take into consideration the complexities and complications of FDA regulations and find it difficult to maneuver through these bureaucracies. We are one of the few law firms in North Carolina well versed in how Federal & State Laws conflict on this subject and will help you and your CBD business navigate through them.

Our Business Lawyers work on a wide range of issues throughout the CBD industry, from small start-ups to major corporations. If you are looking to expand your small, medium or large business in this growing, billion-dollar industry call to discuss with one of our business lawyers today.

Among other items, we work on the following CBD issues:

  • Licensing your CBD retail locations
  • Licensing your Hemp growing and CBD producing venture
  • Keeping up and communicating changes in the law
  • Answering complaints or violation letters from the FDA and USDA
  • Analyzing the Risk of transporting within NC or to other states
  • Negotiating with vendors and other 3rd parties to tailor your transactions to this industry
  • Organizing your business structures to reduce liability.