How can prescription drugs get you in trouble?

Some residents in North Carolina do not know prescription drug law well. Everyone knows that “street drugs” are illegal. But this does not mean that all prescription drugs are free for anyone to use.

Today, we will look at some of the ways you can abuse prescription drugs. We will also look at the laws addressing these problems and how they handle lawbreakers.

Is it legal to use someone else’s prescription?

VeryWell Mind discusses illegalities tied to prescription drug use. They start off by clearing one big misconception: the use of prescription drugs. Can you use someone else’s prescription? Can you take prescription medication if it is not yours? This is actually an illegal act. Taking medication prescribed to someone else, even a family member, is illegal. There are federal and state laws prohibiting the sharing of prescription drugs. Not only is it illegal to give someone your prescription, but it is illegal to take someone else’s.

This is because prescription drugs are a controlled substance under United States law. The only way to access these drugs is through a doctor’s prescription. Any other means of obtaining them goes against the law.

Penalties for using someone’s prescription

The potential penalties you face depends on what you do with these drugs. For example, taking a family member’s prescription would not be as serious as selling it. In general, crimes related to prescription drugs may result in fines. In some cases, you may face time in jail, too.

The most important takeaway is that prescription drugs are still a controlled substance. Laws still determine how to handle them. Breaking these laws still lead to repercussions.

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