Can a DWI affect your college career?

College students in North Carolina have a lot going on. Handling school is plenty of work on its own. On top of that, many students balance jobs and a robust social life. With so much on your plate, it is easy to get swept up in college life.

Likewise, it is easy to get swept away by mistakes college students often make. One of these mistakes is driving while intoxicated. You may think it is not a huge deal, especially if it is your first DWI. But it may come with more consequences than you expect.

DWI impact on college finances

The College Investor say a single DWI can negatively impact your college life. First, it can cost you the ability to attend college. A college may decide to expel you. This is often saved for extreme cases. An example may include if your crash harmed another person.

What is more common is having your funding cut. The college does this in several ways. If a college sponsored you, they will cut this sponsorship. They do this to distance themselves from a student with a conviction on their record.

Being kicked off of on-campus housing

They may also bar you from staying at the on-campus housing. On-campus housing is often much more affordable than properties near the college. If you lose the option to stay on campus, you will have to find somewhere nearby that you can afford. For many students, this is not possible.

Not every student convicted of a DWI faces these consequences. But it is impossible to tell if you will. Because of this, it is important to keep them in mind as a possibility.

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