There are a lot of ways in which lives are impacted by drunk driving charges. Many people realize the way in which these cases affect one’s career, finances, driving abilities and even freedom (if they have to spend time behind bars). However, people see other aspects of their lives upended by DWI cases, such as those going through a divorce. In some cases, a drunk driving case is the root cause of a marriage falling apart. Moreover, DWI charges often have a negative impact on different facets of the divorce process. 

For starters, parents charged with driving under the influence often experience difficulty during their custody case. Those charged with DWI sometimes lose a custody battle solely because of drunk driving charges. Furthermore, many people experience financial strain during and after their divorce, not only because of legal fees associated with ending a marriage but various divorce-related financial pressures (property division, child support, etc.). Unfortunately, DWI charges often add to this financial strain, sometimes to such an extent that people are no longer able to fulfill their financial obligations. 

Aside from these concerns, DWI cases are very stressful and the same is true for divorce. People who are going through both of these issues simultaneously often have an unmanageable emotional toll and many struggle with anxiety or depression. If you are dealing with drunk driving charges and you are also going through a divorce, make sure you carefully go over your legal options. Our DWI page offers more insight and remember to keep a positive outlook on life during this difficult time. 

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