Why you need an aggressive DWI defense

At the law firm of BA Folk in North Carolina, we represent numerous clients accused of DWI. Consequently, we realize the number of major negative consequences you could face if a judge or jury convicts you of this alleged crime, and we do everything legally possible to see to it that you receive an acquittal instead, or at the very least, plead guilty to reduced charges.

While most people think only of the possibility of serving jail time due to a DWI conviction, this is not the only negative consequence you could face. Such a conviction could also make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for you to obtain the job you want.

For instance, if you are a young person currently going to college or grad school so as to practice in one of the professions, you will require a professional license in order to do so. A DWI conviction could well cause the licensing board to deny you the license you need.

Background checks

Even for the jobs you seek that require no professional license, FindLaw explains that a DWI conviction can pose a significant threat to your obtaining any decent job at all. How so? A criminal background check performed by your potential employer(s) will reveal not only your DWI conviction itself, but also many or all of the following:

  • The records from the court where you received your conviction
  • The records from the jail or prison where you served your time after your conviction
  • The records from your state DMV showing your complete driving record, including your DWI conviction
  • The records from any other state DMV where your DWI conviction resulted in your driver’s license suspension or revocation

Unfortunately, the black character mark that your DWI conviction represents will follow you for years to come as you search for good-paying jobs. In addition, you need not bother applying for any job that requires you to have a commercial driver’s license. Your DWI conviction will ensure that you cannot get a CDL for many years afterward.

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